RADAR R13 Adeco AG

RADAR R13 is a new modular bookshelf by the German company Adeco AG based in Mellikon. This piece of furniture can be expanded and reconfigured according to customer requirements. Functional and elegant, RADAR R13 is a creation with a thousand faces. With its modular concept, it can be configured as bookshelf in any length and height or as elegant cupboard or showcase, with drawers, tilting fronts or open compartments. Folders, books, magazines, albums, illustrated volumes, collection pieces… there has never been such a functional and efficient solution to store, sort and display. RADAR R13 stands out for its sophisticated elegance, delicate visual impact and minimal structure. The combination with aluminum processed with Adeco’s traditional methods creates a perfect match between material and design.

RADAR R13 is a model of Swiss precision down to the finest details. The materials (natural anodized aluminum and SWISSCDF panels) are the leading edge of furniture production.